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joyexport logoJOY registered as a company early in 2012. The three JOY founders, decided to put their years of experience with Cambodian handicrafts, export quality products and processes, fair trade, exporting, community production, international buyers, sustainability, training and trading and more… into action by setting up an enterprise that focusses on training communities engaged in producing products from natural resources such as rattan, bamboo, water hyacinth and more to develop sustainable export markets and assist in trading these beautiful and practical products.

The JOY team brings together a wealth of knowledge, understanding and experience; to benefit hundreds of community producers’ who use our training and trading assistance to improve their livelihoods, as well as numerous buyers who welcome our close relationships with and in depth knowledge of producing communities in Cambodia, easing and facilitating their trading experience.


Business Registration Number: Co. 3043 E/2011

Tax Registration: 206-105012564

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